Friday, March 9, 2012

Tribute... A taste

So 2012 Topps Tribute dropped today and I decided to swing by my local hobby shop to see if he had any in stock.

He did and only had 3 boxes left.  He had an excellent price and told me that once this was sold out that he would have to raise the price $100 the next week due to the price just to reorder.  Because it was so pricey and popular he also decided to go ahead and not pack it out, meaning he would only be selling whole boxes.

Well I decided to beg the wife and put the ball in her court...

The good wife gods were with us today fellas... she said "okay"!

Naturally I will be doing a lot of yard work in the next couple of weeks to pay this debt off, but I went ahead and picked one up!

I decided to wait until the morning to bust this open... first Saturday off in a few weeks... Gonna get up and have some coffee and pray that the fates are with me.

Full Recap Tomorrow and possible video break if I can figure out how to post properly.

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