Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Lineage Project

So it's officially under way and I've got two potential trades that will help me along the way... I just sent off two emails with pics of stuff I'm willing to deal and hopefully I can pull in some nice cards.

If or When i complete this project I plan to write Topps and Beckett of my accomplishment.  If anyone feels like they would like to donate any of the cards needed to complete the master set I'll be sure to give credit/praise for helping make it happen and like i've said already... reimburse any shipping fees.  I'd like to be able to trade my way to a complete set, but eventually i'll just run out of things to give up.

If you have any stuff (relics or autos) and you want to sell, then i'll also strongly consider, but I'd like to accomplish as much by trade as possible.  Just buying the complete set seems like a cheap way to do it after all.  Let me know!

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